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By Stephen Goodwin on Aug 26, 2023

By Stephen Goodwin on Aug 23, 2023

Maxine and her team have exceeded my expectations. Divorce isn’t always easy but Maxine and her team at WKO. Focused on the family and doing the right thing for everyone involved. Most importantly, my children. I’m deeply grateful for her efforts.

By Karen Entriken on Jan 26, 2023

By Paul Z on Jan 26, 2023

By Tina Riemer on Jan 26, 2023

By Matthew Kelley on Jan 26, 2023

By Paul Z on Jan 20, 2023

Maxine was the first attorney I met with when my divorce process began. I felt comfortable with her from the first moment. I retained her and it was the best decision I made during the course of my divorce. She was warm, kind and really held my hand throughout the process. At the same time, she was a zealous advocate for me when dealing with opposing counsel. I never felt like a client. I felt like a friend. She is a stellar attorney and I recommend her without hesitation. Her firm is great. Responsive. Smart. Thorough. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

By Tina Riemer on Jan 11, 2023

Having gone through a divorce 20+ years ago with five different attorneys before it was settled, I was a bit apprehensive when I first was referred to this practice to re-write and update a pre-existing, pre-nuptial agreement as well as add a very complicated addendum. I first spoke extensively about what I needed with Maxine Weiss-Kunz who advised me (with no fee) approximately how much time it might take and how much it would cost to get the job done. After I sent the retainer fee, I then worked with Associate Kelsey, and she was an absolute pleasure as well as extremely professional. The communication was constant and questions were answered promptly and corrections/changes made quickly. The overall cost was very reasonable for the amount of time and attention I was given. I was very happy with the final legal agreement and will definitely use this firm again for my legal needs.

By Karen Entriken on Dec 26, 2022

Maxine Weiss-Kunz and her team helped me seamlessly file a maintenance continuation. The attorney who had worked with me on my original divorce settlement retired, and I needed to identify a new attorney. I was nervous to find an attorney who would understand the details of my case and keep things simple and cost-effective. Maxine and her team did just that. Our consultation was straightforward, and she understood the situation quickly. I felt very confident that she was going to be my advocate 100%. She and her team worked efficiently to prepare everything necessary. I always received timely updates. The team made the final court filing super simple. Their work made a non-event out of what had made me anxious for a long time. What a relief! In this instance my case did not require major negotiation, but I am absolutely certain that in a more trying case Maxine would be a strong legal partner.

By Pilar Morales on Dec 01, 2022

Bad Experienced - This lawyer was the worst I ever hired. I paid approximately $7,000 to get divorce and not to mentioned all the preferences or favor Ian was for my ex when he didn’t want to appeared in a single court and I hire this lawyer for me not for him . I am responsible for my kids insurance, and child support is not what I expected , which I expected to come directly from the state, this lawyer couldn’t even get me that to eliminate directly arguments with him. He pay 0 and my divorce decree is all on his favor. She made me waste more money because she didn’t know how to appeal with the judge the right way so I had to pay extra for the mistakes the lawyer made. Worst lawyer. I just got hire one in Addison and he even knew she made so many errors. Now I have to pay extra to get my ex into the state child support. When the 2 courts ended the receptionist was asking me to pay $1,500 for double extra service and I told them I was only going to pay $1,000 which they agree so for me it looked like they just charge whatever for no reason. Don’t hire inexperienced young lawyers.

By Gf T. on Oct 23, 2022

Used them for my divorce. Very expensive. Only give you 9 days to pay your bill. Insane. The lawyer handling my divorce, Kasia Knaugle was pregnant when taking my case. Did not know that, and it was not disclosed until when the time came to show up in court, and she did not, someone else filled in for her, because of Covid. This was the very early stages of the pandemic and the virtual hearings were not set up yet. The lawyer that showed up, went in to the judges chambers with my ex-wife's lawyer, and a deal was made. What?????????? A bad deal for me. Then, Kasia went on maternity leave. She was replaced with someone who yelled at me on the phone. I was billed for phone calls made to my ex-wife's lawyer. I feel that if I am billed for an official phone call, I should be part of the discussion. Just like the documents, no documents should be sent to the other lawyer without the person's signature or approval. Which they did ask for my approval for every document. I ended up with about 30K in lawyer fees, all the marital debt, and child support, well higher than what the statutory would be. The law clearly states that the ordinary medical expenses should be covered by the child support. My lawyer argued with me that it does not. 750 IL CS 5/505 clearly states:  A portion of the basic child support      
obligation is intended to cover basic ordinary out-of-pocket medical expenses. I am left with paying 60% of co-pays and 100% of medical insurance.

I am being sincere, and not saying this out of spite, but I really felt like my lawyer did not have my best interest at heart. None of the three + Maxine who were involved in my case.

Stay away at all costs from this place.

By Brett D. on Jun 29, 2022

Maxine and her entire team were wonderful to work with.  They were professional, attentive, and helped me through a difficult time.  I strongly recommend working with this team and am lucky to have found them.  I'm very grateful for all their hard work and expertise.

By Will S. on Jun 06, 2022

I was given the recommendation of the WKO Family Law Practice, Weiss-Kunz & Oliver: Chicago Divorce Attorneys. I was glad that I did, as all of the lawyers, associates, and support staff have been just wonderful. Since this has been one of the most emotional times of my life, it was handled completely and competently by those who I had contact with. Everyone who spoke or emailed with me knew my case and handled it just like it was their own personal law matter. I had a lot of issues that took special attention, and every portion was handled by the law and was presented with full explanations and documentation to the presiding judge. There were steps that were taken to provide my best interests, and every question I had was answered with a rapid response. I would unequivocally make a recommendation to this group, as things could have gone in a different direction, and they never did for my interests. I want to thank them again for representing me in court in the most professional manner.

By L P on Apr 29, 2022

This is a bad firm - steer clear - the lawyers in this firm epitomize everything that is wrong with family law. Innumerable reasons to avoid: your retainer will be obliterated by purposeful ineptitude, unnecessary admin, and billing largely skyrockets because of nonsense emails (perpetuated on purpose) back and forth. Hearings will be mishandled, random representation will occur, there’s an omnipotent lack of ethics, honesty, legal knowledge, and your best interest will not/not/not be the priority - billing hours is the priority. Family law in IL is bothersome and this firm takes advantage of that and of families in crisis. It’s shocking and sad. Multiple complaints have been filed against this firm. There are good firms out there but this is not one of them.

By Pastor Joseph Zamani on Jan 26, 2022

By Zihan Yu on Jan 26, 2022

By John T on Jan 26, 2022

By John T on Dec 14, 2021

There are many life situations you'd rather not have to experience, but if you must, I'd highly recommend representation by Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, specifically Kasia Naugle. She is thorough, quick to respond, honest...simply great at what she does. Thank you again!

By Zihan Yu on May 24, 2021

Maxine and her team is extremely kind and caring, professional and effective. I got my divorce case finalized within 3 months. Attorney fee is very fair and I love working with Maxine!

By Misty Trotta on May 01, 2021