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By Brett D. on Jun 29, 2022

Maxine and her entire team were wonderful to work with.  They were professional, attentive, and helped me through a difficult time.  I strongly recommend working with this team and am lucky to have found them.  I'm very grateful for all their hard work and expertise.

By Will S. on Jun 06, 2022

I was given the recommendation of the WKO Family Law Practice, Weiss-Kunz & Oliver: Chicago Divorce Attorneys. I was glad that I did, as all of the lawyers, associates, and support staff have been just wonderful. Since this has been one of the most emotional times of my life, it was handled completely and competently by those who I had contact with. Everyone who spoke or emailed with me knew my case and handled it just like it was their own personal law matter. I had a lot of issues that took special attention, and every portion was handled by the law and was presented with full explanations and documentation to the presiding judge. There were steps that were taken to provide my best interests, and every question I had was answered with a rapid response. I would unequivocally make a recommendation to this group, as things could have gone in a different direction, and they never did for my interests. I want to thank them again for representing me in court in the most professional manner.

By L P on Apr 29, 2022

This is a bad firm - steer clear - the lawyers in this firm epitomize everything that is wrong with family law. Innumerable reasons to avoid: your retainer will be obliterated by purposeful ineptitude, unnecessary admin, and billing largely skyrockets because of nonsense emails (perpetuated on purpose) back and forth. Hearings will be mishandled, random representation will occur, there’s an omnipotent lack of ethics, honesty, legal knowledge, and your best interest will not/not/not be the priority - billing hours is the priority. Family law in IL is bothersome and this firm takes advantage of that and of families in crisis. It’s shocking and sad. Multiple complaints have been filed against this firm. There are good firms out there but this is not one of them.

By John T on Dec 14, 2021

There are many life situations you'd rather not have to experience, but if you must, I'd highly recommend representation by Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, specifically Kasia Naugle. She is thorough, quick to respond, honest...simply great at what she does. Thank you again!

By Zihan Yu on May 24, 2021

Maxine and her team is extremely kind and caring, professional and effective. I got my divorce case finalized within 3 months. Attorney fee is very fair and I love working with Maxine!

By Misty Trotta on May 01, 2021

By Joseph Zamani on Feb 20, 2021

I love Maxine, I think she an amazing lawyer, she has helped me so many times and and the results always went into my favor. Her leadership skills are amazing, her she would be the best hire for anyone

By Pastor Joseph Zamani on Feb 20, 2021

I love Maxine, I think she an amazing lawyer, she has helped me so many times and and the results always went into my favor. Her leadership skills are amazing, her she would be the best hire for anyone

By Richard Baum on Dec 16, 2020

They say “you get what you pay for” but you can’t put a price on family. WKO’s practice is built on integrity. Expect knowledgeable and forthright explanation and firm representation. *note: spammer’s comment is copy-and-pasted to another law practice’s review-page as well. Disregard.

By Millie Subhadarshini on Dec 02, 2020

Beware of this attorney. Within one month of hiring Maxine for my divorce and child custody case, she used up 80% of my retainer fee for some or other unnecessary reason and included her assistant Meghan Troc to work on my case side by side. Meghan Troc is so unprofessional that she use to shout at me and behave so rudely with me on my case details as if she is doing me a favor by working on my case and as if she is working free of cost for me. Maxine and Meghan shared my confidential details to the opposite counsel for their own benefits. She did not put across any of the valid points infront of the judge even though we had discussed before the start of court hearing which shows her poor argument quality and because of which the decision was not in my favor for that particular hearing. Maxine and Meghan are both so manipulative that they forced me to start the parenting time (which was ordered by Judge) 2 days before the order was entered. They both used to scare and threaten me of the consequences even though I followed each and every court order correctly and everytime supported the opposite counsel instructions for their own benefits. She is money minded and never bothers about her client trust and emotions. I could not see any zero star option, so I am forced to give one star otherwise she does not deserve to get one start also. Always I had to argue with them for the unnecessary charges in my billing statement. This firm is so irresponsible that they do not bother to update you on your case matter or if there has been any order passed by the judge. Initially they would make several false promises to you to get themselves hired but once they are hired, they are least bothered about their clients needs.

By Nina K. on Jun 25, 2020

Maxine Weiss Kunz was great to work with. She clarified complex legal jargon into laymen terms and helped soothe the anxiety I often feel when the law is involved and it is a serious matter. She is very competent in her work, friendly, professional, responsive and down to earth. Grateful to her and her team. Thank you Maxine!

By Rebecca P. on Apr 30, 2020

Allison is rude, late and a snot.

By Kevin O'Connor on Apr 10, 2020

I myself am an attorney, though I don't practice family law. Still, I know good attorneys (and bad ones) when I see them. When I needed to file for divorce, WKO was the firm I went to, and I could not have been happier with their services. The attorneys here are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and really make sure that their client’s interests are being fought for and advanced. At the same time, they are friendly and sympathetic with their clients, they really understand the psychological and emotional impact that a divorce has on someone, and their bedside manner reflects this. I felt confident and comforted throughout one of the most notoriously stressful and unpleasant ordeals that a person can go through. I cannot recommend WKO highly enough.

By Brent D. Payne on Apr 07, 2020

great team. very knowledgable. understands you personally and your case needs. highly recommend

By Joanna M. on Mar 09, 2020

WKO refuses to pay staff for time worked. I had 5 attorneys at 1 time and Kasia always comes in after 3:30 with 5 clients' 30 page work.  WKO doesn't want to pay overtime although computers freeze while printing Kasia's drafts. Receptionist doesn't answer phones and disappears daily for hours for 1 person to do it. Julie McCormick deletes your e-filing motions because she cant get a date. The angered the judge at their client the judge was yelling. Then let same client fall when GAL called stating she was an alcoholic-I literally gave them legal advice and I'm not an attorney.

By Temp T. on Mar 07, 2020

This law firm helped me with what I thought, was going to be an impossible task, I literally hadn't heard from my estranged husband in nearly 20 years McKenzie and Maxine helped me tremendously, they even worked out a payment plan for me that's truly girl power in action thanks, Ms Evans without the hyphen lol

By Kristin P. on Feb 28, 2020

I contacted Amanda Oliver  for my part divorce matters regarding custody.  She led me to top notch Associate Attorney Gabrielle Diprimio who without question was the best attorney I have ever worked with.  She fought for everything and then some I wanted.  She was informative, patient, and truthful with me the entire way.  Communication and response time was quick and efficient even on weekends or late hours. She thought outside the box which is what was needed in my case. They worked with me on payment plan as my case was over a year and costly. The entire staff was phenomenal.  I truly felt I had the best representation. I recommend Gabrielle and the firm to anyone in need of any amazing attorney.

By Maxine Kunz on Feb 23, 2020

We are skilled negotiators and trial attorneys. Every client is treated liked #1.

By Allyssa V. on Jan 28, 2020

This law firm is very professional, organized, and all around amazing. I was in a very frantic state when I had to hire this firm. I heard of this law firm from by referral from another well-respected Chicago attorney who Maxine worked with in the past. Although my marriage was short, I knew that my divorce was going to be an ugly one due to extreme financial circumstance, I put my trust into Maxine and the associates she put on the case and I was not let down. Maxine also has a background in Psych (was a psych major in college) which came in handy a lot particularly in my divorce. Throughout the entire process the communication was excellent. Whenever I emailed them, I always got a response within hours but always by the end of the day at the latest. Any communication I received was always thorough and well-explained, as sometimes legal jargon can be difficult for the lay person to understand. The pricing structure is very straight forward and the bills that I received were very descriptive so that there were no questions as to what the costs came from. Phone calls and emails were sufficiently explanatory yet concise which keeps things more cost-effective. (I've known other attorneys who liked to talk themselves in circles on phone calls, ringing up the minutes/the bill). This is firm is realistic and they tell you how it is, which I have come to realize can be a unique and important attribute when looking to hire a divorce attorney! GREAT firm that I would highly recommend!

By Susan D. on Jan 22, 2020

Weiss Kunz and Oliver is truly an amazing law firm  which compassionately and sincerely puts their clients first during an extremely difficult time. I personally followed Maxine from her prior law firm to her current which she founded. Maxine is one of a kind! She is a fierce litigator who pays attention to every detail. I can never thank her enough for all that she has done for me and am proud to give her my highest recommendation and support of her business. If you choose Weiss Kunz and Oliver, you made an excellent decision.